BNTC Simultaneous Short Papers for 2019

At the 2019 BNTC, the Simultaneous Short Papers programme will consist of three seminars taking place in parallel, each including 3 x 30 minute slots for paper and questions/discussion.

Below is a list of papers for each of the three seminars. Complete Short Papers programme information, with abstracts, has been posted here.

Seminar A | Chair: Jane McLarty, University of Cambridge

Crispin Fletcher-Louis, University of Gloucestershire, ‘Ruler Cults and Christological Origins’

Matthew Sharp, University of Edinburgh, ‘Courting Daemons in Corinth: Daemonic Partnerships, Cosmic Hierarchies and Divine Jealousy in the Graeco-Roman World’

Richard Cleaves, University of Gloucestershire, ‘Reading the New Testament in Roman Britain—A Case Study in Coins’

Seminar B | Chair: Simon Woodman, King’s College London/Bloomsbury Baptist Church

Anthony Royle, Dublin City University, ‘P. C. Beentjes and the Use of Inverted Quotations in the New Testament’

Tavis Bohlinger, University of Durham, ‘Whose Dialogue? Whose Agency? Towards a New Comparative Methodology in New Testament Studies’

Justin Hagerman, King’s College London, ‘Biblical Exegesis and the Formation of a Dialogue: The Concept of Agency in Moral Philosophy and New Testament Studies’

Seminar C | Chair: Svetlana Khobnya, Nazarene Theological College, Manchester

Steve Carter, Independent scholar, ‘An Invalid Argument from Silence? Subordination to Civil Authority in 1 Peter 2 and Romans 13’

Grace Emmett & Hannah Burke-Tomlinson, King’s College London, ‘Paul and Propertius: Appropriating the “Weaker Voice” through Servile Self-Presentations’

James Morgan, University of Fribourg, Switzerland, ‘Luke’s Use of τεκμήριον in Acts 1:3 in Light of Herodotus’s Proofs of the Divine (Hdt. 9.100)’

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