About the Society

The British New Testament Society seeks to promote research of the New Testament and related writings. It sponsors an annual conference, attendance at which is open to those who fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Teach New Testament (or a cognate discipline) at a recognized HEI;
  2. Hold a doctorate in the area of New Testament;
  3. Those involved in postgraduate research in New Testament at doctoral or masters level;
  4. Have previously been in attendance at the Society’s annual conference (subject to (5) below);
  5. By special permission of the committee, for one year only in the first instance, to someone who has made a recognised published contribution to New Testament studies.

If you would like to be added to the British New Testament Society’s mailing list, for email updates about the conference and related events, please go to http://eepurl.com/dKXViU and complete the form, including stating how you fulfil the membership criteria. You can read our privacy policy also.

The BNTS Code of Conduct can be downloaded here: PDF.

The committee of the British New Testament Society is:

President: Professor Francis Watson, University of Durham
Secretary: Professor Steve Walton, Trinity College, Bristol
Treasurer: Dr Tom de Bruin, Newbold College
Member: Dr Dorothee Bertschmann, College of the Resurrection, Mirfield
Member: Dr Jamie Davies, Trinity College, Bristol
Member: Professor Susan Docherty, Newman University, Birmingham
Secretary-designate: Dr Michelle Fletcher, King’s College London
Information Officer: Professor Paul Middleton, University of Chester
Member: Dr Elizabeth Shively, University of St Andrews

The Society’s constitution can be downloaded here.

Minutes from annual meetings can be found here.

BNTS Visual Identity

The font of the BNTS logo is Helvetica Neue.

The main green colour is CMYK: C=77 M=21 Y=42 K=1.

Large versions of the logo can be downloaded also: