Welcome to our new Information Officer and Webmaster!

The Society is delighted to introduce and welcome our two new officers, selected by the Committee after our request for expressions of interest late last year.

Professor Paul Middleton (University of Chester) is our Information Officer. He will be known to many as the previous Secretary of BNTS. Paul’s role is to be the key interface between people wanting to know about New Testament Studies and our Society, and our members. He will act as content manager for our website and our social media presence (Facebook and Twitter). He is planning to develop his knowledge of our members in order to help with media enquiries. He is a co-opted member of the Committee, and will advise on the public-facing aspects of our work.

Dr Joshua Mann is our Webmaster. Josh did his PhD work in New Testament at the University of Edinburgh, and was on the staff of the CODEC Centre for Digital Theology in Durham. He continues to work for CODEC on their ‘Big Bible’ project as part of the work of his organisation, Expositus. Josh’s role is to oversee the technical aspects of our website. He is  working on two books on the ‘digital revolution’ in relation to the Bible, and is himself an experienced web designer. Josh attended the Conference regularly during his years of living in the UK, so he is very familiar with the Society.

As we welcome these two, we also warmly thank Dr Joe Baker of Convivio, who has served as our Webmaster for many years, getting the website up from scratch and maintaining it well over recent year. Many thanks for your work, Joe!