Book of Acts 2018

Session 1: Review Panel of Editio Critica Maior: Acts

  • Matthew Sleeman (Chair) | Oak Hill College, London
  • Klaus Wachtel | University of Münster
  • Sean Adams | University of Glasgow
  • Tommy Wasserman | Lund University
  • Jenny Read-Heimerdinger | University of Wales Trinity St. David
  • Dirk Jongkind | University of Cambridge
  • Steve Walton | Trinity College, Bristol

Session 2: Rhetoric in the Synoptic Gospels and the Book of Acts

(1) “An Examination of the Texts of Luke and Acts, For What They Owe to Ancient Rhetoric’s Rules and Practices”

David G. Palmer | The Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham

(2) “Saint Luke, Saint Mary and the Rhetoric of Luke-Acts”

Mathew Bartlett | University of Roehampton

(3) “The Rhetoric of Luke’s ἄνομοι (Luke 22:37)”

Sarah Harris | Carey Baptist College, Auckland

Session 3

(1) “Fresh Insight on the Leading Women of Thessaloniki and Berea”

Samuel Rogers | University of Manchester

(2) “Idolatry and Belief: The Christian Assembly’s Engagement with Judaism in the Acts of the Apostles”