Book of Acts 2016

Session 1

(1) “Locating and Exploring the Middle of Acts from Aristotle to Modern Film-writers: Using Ancient and Modern Literary Concepts in the Search for Literary Shape and Theological Significance”

Will Loescher | University of Cambridge

(2) “Multi-levelled Jewish Diaspora Concerns Evident in Luke’s Narrative of Paul’s Mission (Acts 16–19)”

Ben Byerly | Africa International University

Session 2

“Review of Brittany Wilson, ‘Unmanly Men’ (OUP, 2015)”

  • Joshua Mann | Durham University
  • Julia Snyder | Universität Regensburg

Session 3

(1) The “Church” of the Synoptic Gospels: Social Identity Construction through Narrative Ecclesiology in Luke-Acts

Andrew Byers | Durham University

(2) Messianic Reunification in Luke-Acts: Fulfilling Prophesied Davidic Inclusion of Northerners (Samaritans) in Restoring “All Israel”

James T Mace | University of Kent