Book of Acts 2015

Session 1

(1) Ἄγνοια in Hellenistic Philosophy: Illuminating the Paradoxes of Athenian Ignorance (Acts 17:30)

Monique Cuany | University of Cambridge

(2) Luke’s Understanding of oikoumene in Acts 17

Deok Hee Jung | University of Sheffield

Session 2: Panel discussion of the dating and social location of Acts

  • Prof. Loveday Alexander | University of Chester
  • Dr Andrew Gregory | University of Oxford
  • Dr Dennis E. Smith | Phillips Theological Seminary, Tulsa, OK

Joint session: Book of Acts and Early Christianity seminar groups

Session 3

(1) What’s so special about Jesus-followers in Acts?

Julia Snyder | Eberhard‑Karls-Universität Tübingen

(2) The Next Greatest Story Ever Told: Recapturing the Impact of Paul’s Conversion through a Chiasm in Acts 6–12

Peter Mansell | St Mary’s University, Twickenham

(3) Accepting Prophecy: Paul’s Response to Agabus in Light of Insights from Valerius Maximus and Josephus

Kylie Crabbe | University of Oxford